Make every
story taste better,

Our mission

We’re born out of a desire to strengthen the bond between people.

To make relations stronger and the moments you share together, even more memorable and meaningful. It’s one of the most important things to have in life, relations. You definitely already know it “the strongest link between people is great stories”. It’s the stories that build the relation. The stories that we share, create and experience together.

We have discovered that people tend to share these stories every time they have a delicious drink in their hand. It loosens up the mood and sparks the conversation – whether you’re at a house party, in the park, sitting at the sidewalk or talking a walk around the streets together. And it doesn’t only have to be the big and life changing stories it’s also the ones about Mondays, your cat or whatever. We believe it’s the ability to share things and be present that’s important. That is why we are here. To help you share and create stories, together with your friends and family.

Make every story taste better, naturally.

Make the moment greater

No matter if it’s a big party, or if it’s just you and your friend sitting on the sidewalk, chatting about everything and nothing. It’s about those stories. That is what makes a moment great.

We discovered that very often the first word in a new story is written when you have a great tasting drink in your hand. So, grab a ready to serve cocktail or mocktail from The Cocktail Factory, and create those moments.

Make every story taste better, naturally.

About us

We are open-minded and like to hear other peoples’ stories as much as telling them ourselves.

We see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty, always have a great story on our hands, and never turn down the chance to have a good time.

We are the small moments with your friend, and the big parties that you remember for decades. It’s our mission to help you create and share great stories with the people you meet throughout your life.

Because, we truly believe in our brand promise “Make every story taste better, naturally”. That is what our presence is all about, and that is why everything we do, communicate and create, supports this.


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